El Saladero, turismo rural en Buenos Aires, Argentina, reserva natural y cultural, conservación del medio ambiente



Reserva Natural y Cultural El Saladero - Costa “El Saladero”- Río de la Plata


It’s a journey and a destiny.
Atalaya sails
between the pampas and the river

El Saladero“El Saladero” is situated in the District of Magdalena, Province of Buenos Aires at 100 Km from the Capital city and at 47 Km from the city of La Plata.

This Natural and Cultural Reserve, at only 400 m from the historical town of Atalaya, counts with around 80 surprisingly heterogeneous hectares, with areas of pasture and groves of woods of “talares” over rock shell slopes, “coronillares”, “ceibales”, marshlands, marginal forest, a coast of about 800 m over the left margin of Atalaya Stream and around 400 m of its front lies over the Rio de la Plata. .

Reserva Natural y Cultural El Saladero - Costa “El Saladero”- Río de la Plata - HAGA CLICK PARA AMPLIAR LA IMAGENApart from its huge variety of landscapes and its biological diversity, in that property at the end of the XIXth Century the “Saladero Podestá” functioned and until today it still preserves two wooden houses paving, yard areas, the remains of a huge “quebracho” dock (nowadays it is placed on the land due to the alluvial sedimentation) as well as some ruins of the boilers and of other constructions.

In 2007, as it was signed an agreement with the Foundation of Natural History “Félix de Azara” (Fundación de Historia Natural “Félix de Azara”), “El Saladero” was included in the Program of Private Reserves of that Foundation.

The harmonic integration among the different existed ecosystems in “El Saladero” enables us to experience nature freely with neither landscaping designs nor settings and lets those who like or dare experience strong sensations without mediation in a dynamic and genuine equilibrium.


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